In his presentation, Cybersecurity Expert, Dr. Kenneth Okereafor called for the establishment of a single Coordinating Unit of all Cybersecurity activities in Nigeria such that this body can help in the operationalization and be held accountable when necessary. ‘‘This programme is a proposal to government to implement policies that will make our cyber space more secure. The reason is because in other climes, it is very easy to detect when attacks are coming in. We are looking at a situation where Nigeria as a country has a framework in place to detect cyber security breaches. Beyond that to also respond proactively. ‘‘One of the ways to do that is to have a single coordinating unit. Though, we may be having an agency regulating IT and Cybersecurity, it is also important to have people we can hold accountable such that these bodies can help in the operationalization around him. People are not aware of the various exposures that we have in terms of cybersecurity. And the only way to do that is to have constant training and retraining in cyber security,’’ said Okereafor. ‘‘Agencies of government need now to take cybersecurity education and awareness more seriously and because of the complexity of the data space that we operate in and enlargement and embrace of technology in so many areas, it now becomes imperative for agencies of government to be aware of the exposures and then take proper actions. ‘‘Legislation and for supporting cybersecurity can never be too much. We also as a country need to look into legislation to legitimize all the regulations that need to be applied in cybersecurity. To that extent, it is necessary for government to consider having more legal frameworks to backup other areas of cybersecurity. ‘‘We as a country need to define, develop and institutionalize frameworks to protect data each of these areas. We have a lot of frameworks, but we can harmonize them and begin to use them as a people. The Cybersecurity law though is in place needs to be strengthened,’’ he added.

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